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Manchester University offers the campus and greater community a variety of art experiences. Led by the Department of Art, our goal is to building artistic educational awareness. In doing so, we offer two dedicated art galleries at the North Manchester campus and one at our Fort Wayne campus, as well as other opportunities to engage in art at Manchester. 

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Gallery G

Now showing through September 11:

Jim Scott


Jim Scott
More about Jim Scott

In this exhibition, Jim Scott presents a body of works inspired by his travels to the Caribbean Islands and by hiking trips in many state parks. His color palette is inspired by the beautiful colors he encountered on his many adventures. Also included in the show are large acrylic works painted in the style of “fantasy realism,” taking the old Masters’ subject matter and reworking it in a contemporary form.

Link Gallery

Now showing through October 16:



Diane Tesler
More about Diane Tesler

"In the early ‘70s, I lived on the island of Oahu near two fields of abandoned cars and trucks...Overcoming an initial hesitation, I went out into one of the junkyards with a sketchbook. What I found there has remained a constant in my work ever since: the power of light to reveal form and the beauty of the discarded..."

Gallery 101 - On the Fort Wayne Campus

Now showing through October 20:

by Michael Hopkins

"It is easier to see without words."  Artist statement